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route 66

A series of clickable image posts taking you to exciting things. Mostly my work. Some inspiration.

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Jessica Lara. #matthewcomer #tanlines
Storme. #matthewcomer @stormeatlantis #stormeatlantis Long Beach.
Alexis. Venice Beach. #matthewcomer @alexisreneg #alexisren
Just had to leave the freeway. Traffic to vegas is so insane. Fuck you freeway. Hard. In the face. This is @annatyburska in Manchester. #matthewcomer
Max for Y-O at Topman. #matthewcomer @topman @maxxxboon @yourownclothing #topman #yourownclothing
Morning UK. Evening LA. Today marks the takeover of @southbswim ‘s instagram account. I’ll be posting like normal on here but for the next two weeks we will be posting a full diary of what we get up to out here over on their instagram. Keep your peepers on #southbeachroadtrip :)
Tonight we ended up at the @vice photo launch in #dtla. It was ok. Photo by @radiant_child_
Been 5 years since I’ve been here. Happy right now. Massive brainstorm meeting with @radiant_child_ organising the next two weeks. #comermeeting #norms
Kathleen. Manhattan. #matthewcomer
Olivia. Manhattan. #matthewcomer
Morning LA. Now let’s get to work. First stop. A mother fucking kick ass breakfast with @radiant_child_ - this is Rheanna. Don’t disturb her. #matthewcomer @rheannaduffield
Going to sleep. This trip to LA has been a bust so far. Dead on my feet. This is Kristen in Brooklyn. #matthewcomer night.
New Anna. #matthewcomer @annatyburska
Whitney. LA. #matthewcomer