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route 66

A series of clickable image posts taking you to exciting things. Mostly my work. Some inspiration.

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Crunchy french toast. Courtesy of Blu Jam. And very nice it was too. Thanks guys.
We’ve set up office for today at Melrose Starbucks. Come by and say hey. Also if you wanna shoot with us then we are in our last week. Message me or email me matt@matthew-comer.com :) have a sweet day :) #matthewcomer @radiant_child_ @emacrompz
Cali and my girl. #matthewcomer #camero @emacrompz
Gonna really miss these guys!! :(
One of our sweet locations for this week’s test shoots :) @radiant_child_ @emacrompz
Close enough. #tacosforlyfe @eric_sow @radiant_child_ @emacrompz @jaredeugene @tattoosbywormla @distant_eyes @gemmasilcock
With ma brother. Santa Barbara. My favorite place in the world!!
Chasing sunsets across California. Sometimes they don’t set where you think they will. Doh!!
Me n’t bird. Santa Barbara, CA.
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Editing the @luckywestltd campaign shoot shot in and around Las Vegas. #matthewcomer
Happy easter. This is to that time our mate Ian Brown popped in to office when we were shooting playboy bunnies. He was happy. #matthewcomer #playboy #playmate #ianbrown @yourownclothing #yourownclothing
Happy easter y’all. #matthewcomer @annatyburska
Celebrating in the US of A after finding some incredible locations for the next #supplyanddemand @jdsportsofficial campaign. Very happy indeed. Hope my team is ready. @radiant_child_ @distant_eyes @emacrompz @gemmasilcock @realdavidwallace @jaredeugene